Naomi Blayney

Naomi contacted me to create a new brand for her fine art work. The new brand will be used on a variety of promotional material for her gallery work and on her website.

What we did: Brand, Stationery, Flyers, Banner & Greetings Cards.

These are the initial sketches done to get the feel of pen and ink on paper.
As discussed with Naomi she liked the imagery of an ink pot, inkwell and ink splashes.
I looked at merging the elements together and also trying to include the rose of her original brand into the ink pot with a swirl. Naomi also wanted her logo to have a personal feel so I produced some ideas around handwritten script using pen and ink to create a signature.

It was really nice being able to work with different media. Pen and ink is the medium Naomi uses to create her beautiful intricate artwork. So this method was the ideal technique to start the creation of Naomi’s brand.

After many design ideas, Naomi decided on the ink pot and feather with a script typeface. Naomi needed a logo which was diverse, so I created two versions to be used on a variety of media.

Promotional Materials & Business Stationery